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Saturday Morning in 2021 at a Farmer’s Market

We organized the first Triangle Accordion Party in December of 2017, and 25 players showed up! We’ve continued to meet every few months. We’ve had players drive over two hours to join us, from as far away as Fayetteville, Winston-Salem, and Charlotte.

Soon after that, we created a group to help members organize events, and a Google group to share advice and information about local performances. You can sign up for the Google group here. Starting in 2020, because of the Covid-19 restrictions, we kept meeting via Zoom. In 2021, we slowly and carefully started to meet in person again! (And even play out in public–see the photo!) You can sign up to be a member and receive notifications of events by clicking here, and it’s free for members, because the Accordion Place pays the annual fee for our site. We have over 50 active members; events have recently been organized by Alice Tien and Bob Lijana. If it’s a very small group, and the weather is nice, some hosts will space out chairs in their yard so that everyone is at least 10 feet apart.



Our typical schedule includes some combination of the following:

  • Arrival, catching up with each other
  • Featured guest performer
  • Each player has an opportunity to perform new songs for the group
  • The whole group plays some songs together.¬†We haven’t tried this online yet. Some of our members are working to figure out Jamkazam–an app that’s like Zoom but is designed for musicians to play together–and we’re figuring out what sorts of microphone and Internet speeds are required to make this work.

So, please visit and join our group! You can also join the Google group to start conversations with other accordion players.

Here’s a link to a video of David DiGiuseppe performing a song to get us started. David composes, arranges, and performs. Here’s the Amazon web page where you can buy his music books and CDs.