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At The Accordion Place, I sell only high-quality refurbished accordions. Each has been inspected, as described here, and repaired as needed. I don’t offer an accordion for sale until I’m sure it’s in good shape! Many of these accordions come from my own collection. I keep acquiring new accordions, and when I no longer have room for them all, I list a few here for sale. All accordion sales are backed by my three-month in-shop repair warranty. Check out these photos of the refurbishing and cleaning work that I do on every accordion before I list it for sale.

I get new accordions in all the time! If you don’t see what you need, send me an email at, leave a voicemail for me at 919-903-8124, or keep checking this page every few weeks.

Last updated July 2023. I apologize, I have nothing for sale right now!

SOLD: Weltmeister Topas IV LMMM


I myself play a Topas IV. Mine is white and I installed internal microphones, and that’s the main reason I play that one instead of this one. My Topas is my favorite accordion, and you can imagine that I have quite a few accordions! This one is used, but you can just barely tell. It is excellent condition.

  • Four treble reed sets, four bass reed sets
  • Rare LMMM treble configuration gives you three different musette settings: wet, medium, dry
  • 37 treble keys, 96 bass buttons

SOLD: Sofiamari: $445

This accordion, with the colors of the Mexican flag, can be used for music from any country! But up on stage, it will be a perfect match with Mexican music. It’s lightweight and it’s great for playing live while standing up. It’s affordable and its condition is like new.

  • 32 keys, 32 buttons (8 keys in four rows)
  • 15 inch keyboard
  • 14 pounds; 27 pounds with hardshell padded case
  • Features: Colorful rhinestone inlay design

SOLD: Accordiana 2/4, $645.


This beautiful Accordiana was made by the famous Excelsior company. Everything inside and out is made with the highest level of craftsmanship. At only 16 pounds, you get a rich tone in a light accordion.

  • Two treble reed sets: LM
  • Three treble register switches
  • Four bass reed sets
  • One bass register switch
  • 41 Treble Keys
  • Keyboard width: 17 inches
  • 120 bass buttons
  • Weight: 16 pounds
  • Weight with case: 26 pounds

Click here to see more photos of the Accordiana.

SOLD: Sonola Rivoli, 4/5, $1,495.

This is a concert-quality full-size accordion. Sonola is a respected and well-known Italian maker of accordions for serious musicians. There are no compromises with this accordion–it has all of the sound quality and the features you could hope for!

  • 4/5 – HMML
  • 41 Treble Keys
  • Seven treble register switches plus palm master shift
  • Keyboard width: 18 ¼ inches
  • Three bass register switches
  • 120 bass buttons
  • Weight: 23.5 pounds
  • Weight with case: 35 pounds

Click here for more photos of the Sonola Rivoli.

SOLD: Guerrini & Sons, 3/5, $1,195.


This wonderful accordion is from Guerrini & Sons, one of the most legendary accordion brands. They make only the highest-quality accordions. Many top professional players through the decades are associated with Guerrini, as you’ll see in the book The Golden Age of the Accordion. The tone of the reeds in this accordion is just incredible. When you play it, you’ll hear that intangible “something” that makes everything smoother, easier, and better. With this accordion, you don’t have to make any compromises.

  • Three treble reed sets: LMM
  • Seven treble register switches plus a palm master switch (7+1). Unlike every other accordion I’ve ever seen, this one allows you to play either “M” reed set, and also to pair either “M” reed set with the “L” bassoon.
  • Five bass reed sets
  • Three bass register switches
  • 41 Treble Keys
  • Keyboard width: 18 inches
  • 120 bass buttons
  • Weight: 21.5 pounds
  • Weight with case: 29.5 pounds

Click here to see more photos of the Guerrini full-size accordion.

SOLD: Capri 3/4, $645.

This accordion is beautiful. The exterior is classy and understated, and the sound makes it a joy to play. This is a great all-around accordion.

  • Three treble reed sets: LMH (double-octave tuning)
  • Four treble register switches: LH; M; L; LMH
  • Four bass reed sets and one bass register switch
  • 41 treble keys. Keyboard width: 18.0 inches
  • 120 bass buttons
  • Weight: 18.5 pounds
  • No case
  • Features: Backpad

Click here for more photos of the Capri.

SOLD Silver Italian Piano Accordion 2/4, $495.

This classic accordion is finished in a classy yet subtle silver-green exterior. At 15 ½ pounds, it’s relatively lightweight and yet the bassoon register has a deep and resonant tone. It is unlabeled, like many accordions, so we’ll never know what factory made this, but we know it was made in Italy and it’s made with the traditional Italian craftsmanship.

  • Two treble reed sets: LM, and three treble register switches
  • Four bass reed sets and two bass register switches
  • 41 Treble Keys. Keyboard width: 16 ¾ inches
  • 120 bass buttons
  • Weight: 15 1/2 pounds
  • No case

Click here to see more photos of this accordion.

SOLD Milanti 2/4, $495.

Personally, I have a soft spot for red accordions. A lot of people prefer black, but a red accordion really “pops” and lets everyone know that they’re in for some fun. This is one of the smallest and lightest accordions that I’ve ever had for sale, at 14 ½ pounds. So if you’re looking for something that’s easy to pick up and play, this is the accordion for you.

  • Two treble reed sets: LM
  • Two treble register switches
  • Four bass reed sets
  • No bass register switches
  • 41 Treble Keys
  • Keyboard width: 16 inches
  • 120 bass buttons
  • Weight: 14 1/2 pounds
  • Weight with case: 23 pounds

Click here for more photos of the Milanti.

SOLD Stagi Concertina, $300.

Stagi is an Italian company that is perhaps the best known maker of English concertinas. This instrument is a chromatic 30-button English concertina in excellent condition. It comes with a case and with two introductory songbooks and learning and playing the English concertina.

Accordions sold in the last two years

Click here to see some accordions sold in the last two years. These accordions are still being actively played by happy customers!

Still being refurbished

Here are some accordions that still need some repairs, but I’m so busy with customer repairs, I haven’t been able to get to these! If you’re interested in one of these, let me know, and I’ll move it to the top of my repair list.

  • Ace New York 3/5. This accordion is incredibly rare and extremely high-quality. Once it’s ready for sale, I’ll post some of the history of this New York company.
  • Paolo Soprani 4/5, 140 bass. This is the highest-quality accordion sold by this legendary company during the 1950s. It’s worth the effort I’m investing in rebuilding it!

General information about accordions for sale:

  • The accordion’s mechanical parts (register shifts, bass machine) are working in good shape, and all of the keys are in good condition: the key facings don’t have cracks, and the action (pushing down and spring back up) is in good shape.
  • The accordion has all of the straps: bass strap, upper and lower bellows straps, right and left shoulder straps. The straps are all old, unless otherwise noted, but all are functional.
  • All accordions come with a case, unless otherwise noted. All of the cases for used accordions are old, scratched, and have tears on the corners. I include photos of the case with the listing. All cases are functional (hinges, handles, latches) unless noted.

When I get a used accordion in the shop, I make sure it’s in great shape before I list it for sale. My inspection and repairs include:

  • After I finish inspecting and repairing the reed blocks, I take photos before I re-assemble the accordion, so you can see that the insides are in good shape. You’ll see one photo for the treble side reeds, and a second photo for the bass side reeds.
  • I inspect the bellows for air leaks. With many old accordions, I find at least one tiny air leak at the edge of the bellows, and I fix that by replacing the bellows gaskets.
  • I inspect the bellows tape and the corners. Sometimes the bellows tape is torn on the lower back, where it can rub against the player’s belt buckle or shirt buttons. For all of my accordions for sale, I include a photo of the back of the bellows, so you can confirm the tape isn’t worn.
  • I test all of the bass chord buttons to make sure that each one plays the proper chord. You’d be surprised at how many old accordions were repaired incorrectly, and the buttons were reassembled in the wrong locations! Usually it’s only a few buttons, that aren’t often used, or it’s the diminished buttons. So this can go undetected for many years.