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I’ve been selling accordions since 2016. Before then, I kept all of the accordions that I refurbished for my collection, but by 2016 I had too many! There has been only one time that an issue arose after the sale, and it was a simple thing that I fixed right away. I want you to be confident in your purchase, so here’s my guarantee:

  • Fourteen-day return policy. As long as the accordion is in the same condition as at the time of purchase, you can return the accordion for any reason within fourteen days of your receipt of the accordion for a full refund. Returns on credit card purchases will be charged a 5 percent bank processing fee, and returns on a Paypal payment will be charged a 3 percent processing fee (these are the same amounts that I pay for credit card processing, and I have to pay that even if you return it). You’re responsible for getting the accordion back to my shop, either by bringing it in person, or by paying for packing and shipping it. If shipping is necessary, I’ll send you shipping instructions for how to pack and insure it.
  • Three-month in-shop warranty. If you discover any mechanical problems with the accordion, I want to know about it! If you get the accordion back to my shop within 3 months of your receipt of the accordion, then this warranty applies. I’ll do an inspection, and if I determine that the problem happened during normal playing and isn’t due to unusual treatment (for example, dropping the accordion, or leaving it in a hot or humid place), I’ll do the repair at no charge to you. If, after my inspection, I discover that the accordion can’t be repaired, I’ll refund your purchase price. (It hasn’t happened to me yet!)
  • After the first fourteen days, I do not accept returns for refund. The three-month warranty only applies to mechanical defects that prevent the accordion from playing. It doesn’t apply to the tuning of the reeds, the sound or tone of the reeds, the balance or weight or “feel” of the accordion while it’s being played, or any other subjective factors. You acknowledge that you’ll play the accordion during the first fourteen days, and that you understand that after fourteen days I will not give refunds. Also after the fourteen days, I won’t accept returns for external marks, scratches, or cosmetic damage on the accordion or the case. Old accordions often have scratches or marks that don’t affect their function or their sound. You acknowledge that during the first fourteen days, you’ll inspect the exterior to make sure that it’s acceptable to you.