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  1. Unless otherwise requested, I will use UPS or Fedex to ship accordions.
  2. All instruments will be sent with full insurance and the carrier will be responsible for shipping damages. If you receive a package that shows visible damage, please inform the carrier so they can mark it as damaged for insurance purposes.

Repair work guarantee

  1. Within 10 days of the delivery date: If you find that the repairs done do not meet the description written on the repair invoice, please return the accordion and I will complete the work as specified. You will pay the return shipping, with enough insurance to cover the sale price.
  2. More than 10 days after the delivery date: I do not provide a full guarantee of the work after 10 days, because other issues may arise not caused by the repairs. But if you return the accordion to me, I will diagnose the problem, with no estimate charge, and make a determination if the problem was caused by my repair work. If my repair work caused the problem, in my determination, I will fix the problem at no charge. If it was not caused by my repair work, I will prepare another estimate for the work necessary.
  3. All claims must be accompanied by a description of the problem, and how you believe it was caused by the repair work done.